Best traveling destination in Madhya Pradesh

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Best traveling destination in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India. Madhya Pradesh, the Heart of India, this beautiful and regal state does have what it takes to be the center of a country as unique as India. Heart, which pumps the blood into our body keeping it alive and healthy, Madhya Pradesh is a life-giving factor in our country. Adding to the richness of history, culture, tradition and art & craft, this central state is a credential for making India a diverse country. Madhya Pradesh owes much to the reign of different dynasties over a long period of time for its rich history and majestic monuments that are incredibly famous amongst world travelers. Perhaps this why this central state of India is frequented by domestic and foreign travelers around the year. And the vast list of tourist places in Madhya Pradesh contributes all the more to this influx of tourists.


This state is bestowed with two of the twelve Jyotirlingas, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a city which hosts Kumbh Mela after every twelve years. From history buffs to adrenaline junkies, the incredible state welcomes all! There are a lot of places to visit in Madhya Pradesh that satiate the travelers’ instinct. This hand-picked list will help you to plan a holiday in Madhya Pradesh soon.


Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is called the ‘City of Lakes’ and rightly so. It has an amazing number of natural lakes and artificial lakes. The city is a blend of history, mesmerizing beauty, and modernized planning. The city is also famous for its intricate Zari work and Zardosi crafts that are admired by everybody in the world. Savor the Nawabi food which offers perfect respite to the foodies who which to satiate their hunger. Here are the leading destinations in Bhopal you need to visit - Taj-Ul-Masajid, Upper Lake, State Museum, Lower Lake, Birla Museum, Jama Masjid, Gohar Mahal, Van Vihar National Park, Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, etc.

Jahaz MahalJahaz Mahal

Built under the reign of Mandu Sultan Ghiyas-Ud-Din Khilji who had a vast harem of about 15000 women. In order to accommodate the ladies in a proper building, this monumental palace was constructed. Jahaz Mahal is located in the Mandu Fort near Munj Talab along Gada Shah Mahal and Hindola Mahal. This double-storeyed palace is encircled by twin ponds that give an impression to the spectators that it is a floating structure. If you are visiting Mandu fort, this can be one of the places to visit in Madhya Pradesh that will intrigue you with its phenomenal architecture.

Dhuandhar FallsDhuandhar Falls

The incredible sight of smoke coming out of a gushing waterfalls makes Dhuandhar Falls one of the best Jabalpur tourist places and attracts a huge rush of tourists to come to witness this extraordinary spectacle of nature. The word ‘Dhuandhar’ literally translates to ‘smoke and flow’ which can be interpreted as a ‘smoky cascade’. Created by Narmada River, these 30 feet tall falls are located in Bhedaghat of Jabalpur district. The roaring sounds of the waterfalls are powerfully soothing. These waterfalls add grace to the scenic beauty of Bhedaghat and make it a must visit place in Madhya Pradesh for nature lovers and photographers.


Situated on the bank of Betwa River, Orchha is a quaint yet royal town that enhances the charm of MP, which is the essential part of incredible India. A small hamlet of beautiful and articulate structures, Orchha is a reminiscence of the Bundela Era. The architecture is the prime attraction that draws history buffs to Orchha. Apart from architecture, Orchha is quite a bliss in terms of being less populated and obviously lesser crowded. The leading destinations in Orchha are - Orchha Fort, Jahangir Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, Raja Ram Temple, Raja Mahal, Uth Khana (Camel Shelter), Lakshmi Temple, Sawan Bhado Pillars, Phool Bagh, Palki Mahal, Khana Hammam, Dinman Hardaul’s Palace, Raj Praveen Mahal, etc.


Chanderi is one of the popular historical tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh. The remnants of forts & palaces and historical sites reveal that its connection to the Gurjara-Pratihara kingdom.



Khajuraho town in Madhya Pradesh has a large number of Hindu and Jain Temples from the medieval era famous for their erotic sculptures. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sights and presents India’s medieval era art culture and beauty through carved stones and aesthetically appealing creations. These are thousand-year-old temples still standing strong as the foundation of India’s unique architecture. Tourists from all over the world visit Khajuraho for these magnificent carved temples and sculptures, including that of the Kama Sutra.


The royalty and chivalry of the glorious past of the state is better experienced at Gwalior. Dominated by a massive fort perched on a hill, the city is dotted by many other historical monuments of Madhya Pradesh.  Artists, musicians, holidaymakers, and poets automatically get lured to the land of Scindia Dynasty. Legendary musicians belonged to Gwalior helping it to enjoy a matchless reputation in Music. Attractions are - Gwalior Fort, Teli ka Mandir, Mansingh Palace, Tigra Dam, Tansen Tomb, Gopachal Parvat, Saas Bahu Temples, Sun Temple, Scindia Museum, Jai Vilas Palace, Man Mandir Palace, Madhav National Park, Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum, Tansen Music Festival.


Ujjain is considered one among the seven important Hindu pilgrim centers to attain mukthi. Located on Shipra River banks, the city attracts pilgrims in great numbers. This ancient city was once the center of learning.



Kanha National ParkKanha National Park

Kanha National Park has the honor of providing the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s classic novel, The Jungle Book. It’s rich in lush saal and bamboo forests, lakes, streams, and open grasslands. As well as tigers, the park abounds with barasingha (swamp deer) and an extensive variety of other animals and birds. Rather than offering one particular kind of animal, it provides an all-round nature experience. The park is well regarded for its research and conservation programs, and many endangered species have been saved there.

Bandhavgarh National ParkBandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks are among the top national parks in India. Bandhavgarh, while being relatively difficult to reach and costly to visit, is the best place to see tigers in the wild in India. The park features dense green valleys and rocky hill terrain, with an ancient fort. The park has also a large array of wildlife including sloth bears, deer, leopards, jackals, and birds.


Imbued in tranquility, Sanchi is a home to very famous Sanchi Stupa – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Great Mughal Emperor Ashoka installed the Great Stupa in 3rd century BC. Countless temples, monasteries, an Ashokan pillar and Buddhist monuments at Sanchi Madhya Pradesh are the head-turners here. Regarded as one of the important Buddhist pilgrimage, the quaint town of Sanchi greets Buddhist pilgrims, avid tourists and history buffs alike.


The sublime beauty of Chitrakoot brings lots of tourists to the popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh. The majestic city finds mention in the Hindu epic Ramayana as the dwelling place of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita during their exile. It is due to this reason that many people consider it to be a sacred town. Holding the title of the ‘Place of Many Wonders’, the city got its name from the presence of Cheetal (Deer) in the area.

Pench National ParkPench National Park

A home to a varied variety of flora and fauna, the park shares the boundaries with Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Another park which served as an inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling’s novel, the area is one of the best places to visit Madhya Pradesh. The Pench River meandering into the park adds to its beauty.

Satpura National ParkSatpura National Park

Satpura is one of only a few protected forests in India that visitors are allowed to walk through. The Duchess Falls Trail is challenging but you'll be rewarded with a refreshing dip in the waterfall at the end. Other possible activities inside the park include cycling, jeep safaris, night safaris, and canoe safaris.


A haven for religious people and history enthusiasts, Omkareshwar is one of the popular destinations in Madhya Pradesh. The place got its name due to its topography that comprises two hillocks and a valley in between, resembling the Hindu symbol of OM. The ancient temples here reflect serenity and peace. Omkareshwar is a perfect place to spend some lone time and immerse in in-depth sanctity.


Rewa is a small yet significant place in MP. Mostly known for its museum, waterfalls and historical villages, Rewa has become popular amongst many backpackers as a perfect destination for nature tourism in Madhya Pradesh. The forts and palaces make this place even more attractive to the tourists. A laid back yet informational trip is what can be guaranteed here as the town runs at this own pace yet in no time take one back in history.