Most beautiful waterfalls in the world

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Most beautiful waterfalls in the world

There is much natural beauty in the world - and so many incredible places to visit. Nothing beats the thundering power of a waterfall, feeling the heavy mist touch your face. The concept of a cascade of water falling through the sky, simple though it is, proves again and again to be one of Earth’s most captivating natural wonders. And though sometimes the hunt for the perfect waterfall vista can prove quite a trek, the spectacular feeling of fresh falling mist on the face and a gaze at the pure majesty of the natural world is a worthwhile way to spend a day, period. Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful gifts from nature. There are several hundreds of small and big waterfalls around the world, varies by height and force of fall.

While there’s plenty of debate on which is the most beautiful fall out there, one thing’s for sure that whether you want to take a tumble off or just take a picture of some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, get these fall spots on your list.

So, here are some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls -

Jog Falls, IndiaJog Falls, India

Pass by India’s Jog Falls at the wrong time of year and you may not even notice the small trickle of water, but stop by during monsoon season and you’ll see why it’s a major tourist attraction. Plunging from the River Sharavathi down 829 feet, it’s one of the most impressive falls in the world in terms of combined height and volume.

Iguazu Falls, BrazilIguazu Falls, Brazil

Voted in as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, this system of 275 waterfalls pours from the Iguazu River between Brazil and Argentina. Spanning a mile and a half, the tallest fall reaches a height of 269 feet and comes in third in the world for an average flow of water. Find Devil’s Throat, a U-shaped starting point, for the most impressive view of this natural overachiever.

Kaieteur Falls, GuyanaKaieteur Falls, Guyana

Hiking through Guyana’s rainforest, you’ll likely hear this powerful waterfall before you see it: With a volume of 23,400 cubic feet per second and height of 741 feet, its combination of power and height makes it a serious contender for most powerful falls in the world.


Angel Falls, VenezuelaAngel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls (Salto Ángel) in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world. The falls are 3230 feet in height, with an uninterrupted drop of 2647 feet. Angel Falls is located on a tributary of the Rio Caroni. The falls are formed when the tributary stream falls from the top of Auyantepui. A tepui is a flat-topped structure surrounded by cliffs - similar to a mesa.

Inga Falls, CongoInga Falls, Congo

Inga Falls, a 3,000-foot wide waterfall, is located on the Congo River, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It's a series of falls and rapids, which drops around 315 feet, but very gradually over a run of roughly 9 miles. However, the main, and most impressive, part of the falls drops around 70 feet in one go. There are hundreds of channels in these falls, separated out by a multitude of large rocks and small islands.

Burney Falls, CaliforniaBurney Falls, California

These amazing falls on Burney Creek in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park in California were called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by President Theodore Roosevelt. The roaring water comes from an underground spring above the 129-foot falls with an almost constant flow of 100 million gallons a day, even during dry summer months.

Victoria-Falls, ZimbabweVictoria-Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is a 5,600-foot wide waterfall located on Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The river falls roughly 344 feet into a gorge made up of lateral volcanic dikes, which were formed as the river eroded the rock and soil of its bed. As the water falls into the gorge, mist and sprays rise up, more than 100 feet higher than the top of the falls, giving the appearance that smoke is rising out of a deep hole in the earth. This is where it gets its traditional name, Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates to “the smoke that thunders.”

Torc Waterfall, IrelandTorc Waterfall, Ireland

Known for its fairytale surroundings, Torc Waterfall in County Kerry Ireland is an idyllic spot to visit. It is a popular spot for tours due to easy access and parking, so try to go in the offseason!


Sutherland Falls, New ZealandSutherland Falls, New Zealand

Tucked away on New Zealand’s South Island is the breathtaking Sutherland Falls. Though the jury’s still out on if Sutherland Falls is New Zealand’s tallest, at a stately 1,904 ft (580 meters), it’s surely impressive enough to wow even the hardest to please. Though Sutherland Falls has been hiked to since 1890, many trekkers still marvel at the remote, off-the-beaten-path quality of the hike through the Milford Track, particularly in New Zealand winter, which is considered the low season and known for patches of unpredictable weather.

Havasu Falls, ArizonaHavasu Falls, Arizona

This impressive site boasts more than just its size and challenging hikes. Havasu is a beautiful oasis of a waterfall, well worth a visit, and a welcome sight after a long day of hiking in the Arizona sun!


Gullfoss Falls, IcelandGullfoss Falls, Iceland

Somewhere on the might Olfusa River rushes Gullfoss Falls, Iceland’s most iconic waterfall and a true indication of the natural, ice-toned beauty to be found throughout the country. Most often viewed from above, Gullfoss offers a dramatic sight: it appears as though the water rushing off the cliff is simply vanishing into thin air. Though so powerful it was once thought of as a source for power generation, the cascade is just 104 ft (32 meters). But don’t let the numbers fool you, the sheer force of the rushing water is what makes Gullfoss a touristic must-see.

Plitvice Waterfalls, CroatiaPlitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is the home of some of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, with 16 cascading lakes in crystal-clear shades of emerald and turquoise. Water flowing over the limestone and chalk over thousands of years have created the barriers, resulting in natural dams that form incredibly stunning waterfalls as well as rivers and caves.

Yosemite Falls, CaliforniaYosemite Falls, California

Few have experienced the impressive beauty of California’s Yosemite National Park and not emerged in awe. And fewer still have noted the grace and the grandeur of Yosemite’s truly towering falls (they clock in at a gasping 2,425 ft or 740 m) and not returned home singing their praises. Yosemite Falls is, plainly put, absolutely massive and absolutely beautiful. And though the hike to the upper falls may be strenuous, it’s undoubtedly worth the experience. However, it’s also large enough to be enjoyed at a distance for those not able to make the journey to the top.

Staubach and M├╝rrenbach Falls, SwitzerlandStaubach and Mürrenbach Falls, Switzerland

The Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland is home to 72 waterfalls, including the magnificent Staubbach Falls and Mürrenbach Falls. The Staubbach Falls take their name from the word for “dust”, as summer winds can interrupt the stream of water, which turns the falling liquid into a very fine mist that can be dispersed over a wide area. To the viewer, this process makes the water seem as if it never actually reaches the ground. Mürrenbach Falls is sometimes called a waterfall in a forest. The fairytale-like region is surrounded by pristine meadows and very small villages or hamlets.

Niagara Waterfalls, United StatesNiagara Waterfalls, United States

Niagara Falls can be located between the border of US and Canada, have a height of 167 feet. Niagara waterfalls enrich by three major waterfalls, American Falls, Bridal veils falls and Horseshoe falls, the largest one is horseshoe falls. One glacier activity causes the birth of Niagara 10000 years ago, approx 30 millions of tourist visit Niagara in every year, the oldest state park in the United States. There are approx 267,811 liters of water falls down from Niagara every second. There are three hydroelectric power stations in Niagara, power shared by US and Canada.

Langfossen Waterfalls, Western NorwayLangfossen Waterfalls, Western Norway

Langfossen waterfalls can be located in Etne, Western Norway. World waterfalls database listed it as one of best in the world. The 600-meter high Langfossen falls is Europe’s 16th highest waterfall, have spectacular surroundings which make waterfalls more beautiful. Langfossen waterfalls flow down to Akrafjord, mountain area near European route E134, which makes easy accessibility for this spot. The water spray to road and rainbows make this place more beautiful. Also, it is the main tourist spot to get home baked foods of Norway.

Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu, IndiaHogenakkal, Tamil Nadu, India

Hogenakkal waterfalls can be located in Tamilnadu state, South India. Hogenakkal is commonly known as ‘the Niagra of India’ surrounded by beautiful Melagiri hills which is 750 feet above sea level. The thick herbal plants of Melagiri forests makes a trip to Hogenakkal fresher and joyful. You can hire boast to get a close view of Hogenakkal waterfalls, can make a trip in the river. Foreigners are mainly used to visit Hogenakkal in monsoon season to get a full spate of Kaveri river.

Baatara Gorge waterfall, LebanonBaatara Gorge waterfall, Lebanon

Baatara gorge waterfalls can be located in Tannourine, Lebanon. It is totally strange waterfall from that of others, falls down through the cave from an 837-meter height. Baatara waterfalls also known as three bridge chasm as it flows down through three naturally built rock bridges.

Cascata do Caracol waterfalls, BrazilCascata do Caracol waterfalls, Brazil

Cascata do Caracol is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil, have a height of 476 meters. It is originated from caracol rivers flows down through pine forests. The authorities also managed to make observatory tower and cable car for the visitors to get close up view of the waterfall.

Detian Waterfalls, ChinaDetian Waterfalls, China

Detian waterfalls are Asia’s largest transnational waterfalls located in China-Vietnam border. It consists of many individual small and tall waterfalls surrounded by limestones and dense trees. The different sectional flow of Detian waterfalls itself makes it one of the popular tourist attraction of China. The deep pool at the base of Detian waterfall is home to a large number of big fishes, natives use to make fishing and special dishes from here. The area is also enriched by evergreen plants and rare animals.

McWay Falls, CaliforniaMcWay Falls, California

McWay Falls on California’s Central Coast near Big Sur, may not be as famous as some, but it’s no less spectacular. This 80-foot waterfall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park plunges off the cliffs onto the sand at the edge of the Pacific, flowing year-round.

Kilt Rock Waterfall, ScotlandKilt Rock Waterfall, Scotland

Kilt Rock Waterfall rushes down the sheer face of the cliffs on the Trotternish Peninsula between Portree and Staffin on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. With its vertical basalt columns forming the pleats and various stones and deposits representing a pattern, it’s said to resemble a Scottish kilt.

Manawaiopuna Falls, HawaiiManawaiopuna Falls, Hawaii

Manawaiopuna Falls is also referred to as Jurassic Falls due to its starring role in the film, “Jurassic Park.” The incredibly scenic 360-foot high waterfall located on the island of Kauai in Hawaii used to be a secret waterfall, but once the world got a glimpse of it on the big screen, people started arriving in droves to see it in person.

Fairy Falls, New ZealandFairy Falls, New Zealand

Fairy Falls is a multi-tiered cascade, deep in the Waitakere Range west of Auckland, New Zealand. The falls are made up of several tumbling tiers toward the top and a few smaller plunges in between before its final large slanting drop at the base in azure-colored waters.


Visiting these waterfalls brings the opportunity to view some of the most spectacular sights on earth. There are few natural wonders that are filled with such awe-inspiring beauty, capturing what’s best about being alive on this magnificent place we call earth.